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Last June, local TV “Popular TV Cantabria” was in our offices and conducted an interview with our Director of Business Development, David Pérez Álvarez.

The interview explains the work we do in Viacore IT and what are our characteristics: the development of expert systems based on Artificial Intelligence and, above all, the commitment to quality. It also gives a brief review of the different products / services developed by Viacore IT, such as Solvo (online dispute resolution), Alfred (intelligent web agent) or SediPro (automatic configuration of work teams).

It is important to highlight the development of the Smart UPP project in which the University of Cantabria and the GNEAUPP research group also participate. The project, which is still under implementation, will result in an intelligent system for the prevention of pressure ulcers (UPP) and will provide caregivers with a support tool with which to apply the optimal preventive measures and thus avoid this type of illness in their patients. The development of the system is funded by the I+C=+C 2016 program of SODERCAN (Society for Regional Development of Cantabria) to support R&D projects in the field of ICT.

Viacore IT gets the EIBT

The Committee of the Brand EIBTs of the National Association of Spanish BICs (ANCES) grants EIBT (Innovative Technology Based Companies) to Viacore IT.

The EIBTs consituyen the key to a new process optimization knowledge and technology, in which scientific and technological activity relocates the business world.

Innovative Technology-Based Firms are characterized by being producers of goods and services with high added value and be strongly influenced by the role of Research and Development.

In addition, posse high profit margins on their products and services and import substitution, aspects that make them different from traditional companies that characterize local productive sectors.

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