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Our passion creates the electrifying environment where every team is on a mission. A mission to get things done, to see thoughts turned into reality. Our clients love us for this and time and time we have proved that this passion is the biggest factor that differentiates us from everyone else.
Viacore has been awarded by European Centers’ National Association of Innovative Companies (ANCES) with the brand Technology-based Innovative Company (EIBT).
Due to its innovative nature, Viacore is financed by the Spanish public Company ENISA, an agency within the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.


Our team

According to the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it. All of our employees are Bachelor or Degree in ICT. Some of our colleagues continue to teach at universities or conduct scientific researches. It helps us maintain the academic qualification of our staff without distracting from the main project activity.


We transform information in knowledge to help Decision-Making. This is made thanks to Knowledge Engineering, building, maintaining and using knowledge-based systems.
This transformation leads to develop software that contain large amounts of knowledge, rules and reasoning mechanisms to provide solutions to real-world problems. A major form of knowledge-based system is an expert system, designed to emulate the reasoning processes of an expert practitioner.


We are continually creating new Expert Systems based in our Quima Framework over new ideas.
We’ve help clients to develop innovative new products in Sectors such as: Bank, Assurance, Public, Industry, IT and Health.

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